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A 1997 phone call whisked Dr. Cathy Taig into a world she did not know:  the world of homebirths. A neighbor had called. Her baby was coming, and no one was near. Would Dr. Cathy help? Dr. Cathy’s “yes” ignited questions she had never thought to ask:  Is there an approach to pregnancy and childbirth apart from the Western model of medicine? How can you add “super” to “natural” in the realm of childbearing? And is there, in fact, a more “holy”, a more God-involving approach?

Birth Right, part-memoir and part-informative, offers women considering becoming mothers an alternative. This book articulates the following:


  • Costs women pay for not questioning the current birthing norms
  • How to gain freedom in birthing decisions
  • Explanations of birthing options like the free-standing approach
  • Signposts for the sacred journey of childbearing

About The Author

Dr. Cathy Taig has a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Michigan and a D.C. from Life University. She is certified in Webster and Morphogenic Field Techniques. Dr. Cathy has specialized in the care of pregnant moms and babies for the past 18 years. During that time she has been on television and radio promoting the benefits of natural health. Dr. Cathy and her husband, Dr. Tim Taig, have a chiropractic practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they reside with their two children.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Cathy has attended and supported many homebirths and shows this approach for the birth of her second child.

Excerpts From Birth Right

Chapter 7:  Prenatal Care Perspectives

Taking ownership of your prenatal care is so much more than showing up for your OB appointments and swallowing vitamins. Appointments and vitamins are the bare minimum. Birth is a supernatural event. You are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. Your spirit, soul, and body are supporting a brand new life (spirit, soul, and body) and you have forty weeks to prepare for a major life change.

Chapter 11: Life Declarations

Talking can help us to communicate and express ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings and getting your words out, but once you realize the strength and power of your words, you may have to change how you choose to express yourself.  Are you allowing figures of speech, slang, cursing, and sarcasm to shape how your words exit your mouth?


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"If you're a first time expecting mom, weathered veteran, or a grandma, there's something for all of us in between the covers of Birth Right."

Brandi Leverenz D.C.  Port Huron, Michigan

"A must read for the mother who senses that there is more to childbirth than what our culture has told her. God designed the process and He knows best!"

Laura Stotler – Discipleship Counselor, New Heart Living, Northern Maryland

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